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+++ This year we celebrate 15 years AMES and 10 years AMES Production and Parts +++


Aircraft Technical Management
  • Tracking/Forecasting of Legal/Manufacturer Requirements
  • Adjusting Airframe Workscopes to ensure Customer specific Requirements
  • Compliance Checks with applicable FAR's/JAR/EASA rules
  • Applying Asset Enhancing Management Principles
  • Modification Evaluation/Control
  • Management of Maintenance Visits
  • Development of Engine and Component Workscopes
Aircraft Operating Cost Projections
  • Cost forecasting of Maintenance Events
  • Hourly Maintenance Cost Projections
  • Maintenance Events Cost Control
  • Advise/Evaluation of Aircraft and Engine Maintenance Contracts
  • Streamline Component Supply
Development of efficient and economical Maintenance Programs
  • Development of Maintenance Programs based on manufacturer recommendations and operational requirements
  • Reliability Control and Enhancements